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Market Day Inside the Bay City Civic Center

Date: Sat, Nov 17
8:30 AM
Location:Bay City Civic Center
Address:201 7th Street
Bay City, TX 
Contact: Seslee Skrabanek
Phone: (979)245-8333
Email: sesleeskrabanek@visitbaycity.org
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  • Booth space is 10’X10’ and vendors should be set up by 8:30 a.m. or booth space will be forfeited.  Show hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Vendor will be refused future rentals if they leave before 4 p.m. You must provide your own tables/chairs for all shows.
  • Bring plenty of your own change. It is not our responsibility to supply you with change.
  • Keeping it an Arts and Craft Show, we are limiting the number of jewelry vendors, preferably homemade jewelry.
  • Vendor space is on grass, not sidewalk. No open flames or cooking in Space.
  • Vendor will sell appropriate goods; with the understanding that no explosive objects, fireworks and material that is objectionable or pornographic, counterfeit or illegal.  Chamber membership is final authority.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of crafters & specialty foods in each category.
  • No resale items, crafts or food made from kits.
  • Show is held at the Matagorda County Courthouse Square from March through November.  The show is held inside the Bay City Civic Center in December.
  • Vendor space is $50 for the November and December show, with a $50 deposit (returned after show).  Electricity will be furnished for $5.  Outside November and December Booths $35, 10x10 No Electricity.  Fee must be paid upon reservation. 
  • No refunds for rainouts. No refunds or rollovers.
  • Only vendors paying for the entire year are guaranteed a space for the December show.  Spaces are then awarded accordingly in this order:

1.     Vendors attending the previous nine months or seniority2.     Open to general vendors (those attending once or twice a year)3.     Remaining booths are first come first serve basis, no waiting list

  • Vehicles/trailers must be moved off the Square.  There is parking in the courthouse underground garage and parking at Wells Fargo and IBC Bank for those with trailers.  This allows for customer parking around the square.
  • Failure to adhere to the parking rules will endanger our relationship with Downtown Merchant Association & will result in your not being able to return.
  • One vendor per space.  You are not allowed to “share” your booth.
  • Renewal of booth space has to be done by 1:30 p.m. on current Market Day.  Then spaces are open to anyone requesting it.
  • After the 1st of the month only cash or credit cards will be accepted.
  • Vendors must stay & sell items in their booth.
  • All vendors will be required to sell some type of a product in an effort to prevent groups or organizations from simply passing out information or soliciting volunteers or money including political groups.
  • Chamber has exclusive power to shut-down/remove any vendor that is unruly or refuses to follow all rules.  No refund to vendor.
  • Please notify the Chamber office if any of your information changes.
  • Chamber requires vendor to follow all state and local laws.

 I have read and agree to comply with these rules.  Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture   P.O. Box 768/201 7th Street, Bay City, TX  77404-0768   Phone:  979-245-8333  Fax:  979-245-1622  Email:  sesleeskrabanek@visitbaycity.org  Website:  www.baycitychamber.org    F…Y…I… VENDORSA $50 deposit will be required with your November and December booth reservation due to the overwhelming number of vendors who started leaving at noon. We do appreciate the vendors that stayed the entire time. It is required that all vendors stay throughout the entire show, which runs from 8:30am to 4pm and also required that vendors be set up on time. I am sure that you feel the same as we do, that your customers were discouraged from not only attending the show, but purchasing items from you during the time when everyone was packing and moving out. We have to admit that with so many people leaving, it gives the appearance that the show is over. Our main goal is a successful show, a profitable day for every one of our vendors. All vendors will also need to provide their own table and chairs. The $50 deposit will be refunded after 4pm at the December’s show. Any vendor not set up and ready at 8:30am will forfeit their booth and will lose their deposit. Thank you,Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture


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Address                           City/State                               Zip Code Please notify the Chamber office if any of your information changes. Please return this page to our office at the address below. Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture   P.O. Box 768/201 7th Street, Bay City, TX  77404-0768   Phone:  979-245-8333  Fax:  979-245-1622  Email:  sesleeskrabanek@visitbaycity.org  Website:  www.baycitychamber.org  


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