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Welcome to Bay City

On behalf of the Bay City community we would like to extend a warm welcome. All of the leaders in Bay City are here because we want to make a difference in peopleís lives. This year has seen several important milestones in our growth, with some significant projects being completed, new ones undertaken, and a variety of changes within Bay City itself. As mayor of Bay City, I will help fulfill the need for fresh thinking, full participation from all parts of the community, and new partnerships.

I believe you will find that the programs and activities of the Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and City of Bay City are innovative and a reflection of the shared interests and needs of members and residents. There are a multitude of opportunities for becoming involved in the Bay City Chamber of Commerce as a volunteer or leader, and we hope that you will encourage your employees to take an active interest in the Bay City Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture and its various committees.

Mark Bricker, Mayor
City of Bay City


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